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  Looking for a new experience in South America or the Caribbean?

Flight, hotel, tour or full itinerary support, we can help

The heart of Tierra Adventures

Responsible, sustainable travel, immersed in history, culture, awareness and communication.

 Tierra Adventures came together from a love of travel and the want to connect travelers to the communities. 

Exploring outside of the typical tourist routes and truly seeing the beauty and people of the country in which you are travelling. 

 We take the hassle out of planning and create a unique adventure and experience for you!  

Eliminate the stress and time researching the right hotels, tours and suppliers. 

With Tierra Adventures, we do all the work so you don't have to. 

Whether you are a solo traveler, young or young at heart, there is something for you! 

We can also accommodate groups or à la carte requirements. 


Support local communities


Visit communities and truly experience and engage in the country you are in.  

We strive to partner with local operators that are working towards or follow eco-tourism and sustainability best practices, providing a unique experience for you.

Solo female travelers


Tours designed with you in mind.


Through my experiences travelling as a solo female traveler, I hope to connect you with tours that can help you feel comfortable travelling solo, while experiencing all there is to offer within a country. 

Adventures & Travel for all types


 Tierra Adventures can customize to your needs. Whether you are looking for a group, guided tour, fully escorted tour or something in between, we can help you.  

Looking for some active hiking and camping options? 

Need someone to help show you around on your first day? 

As a TravelOnly member we have the opportunity to work with many different suppliers to provide the right experience that suits your needs and budget. 

Adventures & Travel for all types

Nature & Relax


Enjoy nature at a relaxed and slower pace

Eco Tourism & Community


Tours focused on community engagement, ethical and sustainable travel 

Rugged Adventure


Take the outdoors to new levels, for the experienced and high-activity traveler

Support the way you need it

 We want to help you experience something new 

and continue to inspire and excite you to keep travelling.

Need a custom travel itinerary?   

Need someone to help show you around on your first day?  

Connect with us and we will help you build a trip to meet your needs.

We provide as much support as you want whether you require flight, 

tour or hotel only, group travel or full itinerary planning, we are here for you. 


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